The 1001 Tales of Indiana Josh

"Shit’s gonna be okay."

Actually, fuck that. If I told myself this, and subsequently believed it, at that point in my life, I probably never would have embarked on the series of substantial events that led me from a place I really didn’t want to be—and shouldn’t have been—to where I am now.

I took those steps because I legitimately thought that shit was not going to be okay, and would never be okay unless I actively worked to make it okay.

I think that’s a pretty good general motto, actually. Shit is not okay. It might one day be okay, but it’s not just passively “going to be okay.” You have to make it that way. It involves taking risks. It involves hard work. It involves difficult decisions and high levels of discomfort.

I would tell my 22 year old self to adopt a politics of discomfort and never settle for thinking things will just work out.

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