The 1001 Tales of Indiana Josh

October 21. In the sunshine. The voices of the world becoming quieter and fewer.

Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks (via kafkaesque-world)

Pearl Jam | Dead Man

i love this song because you can’t really listen to it unless you’re in a quiet room and have your headphones in and the volume turned up. so much mood.

Pearl Jam | A Sort Of Homecoming

and you know it’s time to go
through the sleet and driving snow
across the fields of mourning
to a light in the distance

and you hunger for the time
time to heal, desire, time
and your earth moves beneath
your own dream landscape

i’ll be there
i’ll be there

Forget about Sting and his never-ending tantric sex. Pearl Jam just proved that its own Eddie Vedder is the master at giving it to us long, hard and deep.

first line of a PJ St. Louis review I just came across (via yamsyamsyams)

can confirm, eddie vedder has given it to me long, hard, and deep more than once.

Bruce Springsteen | This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie cover)


Pearl Jam | Yellow Ledbetter

"Unsealed, on a porch sat a letter, then you said, I want to leave it again…"

yeah honestly the above lyrics are questionable, as the last anon pointed out, but damn what a gorgeous song.

Anonymous said: but you can't understand a single word that man says in yellow ledbetter.

haha yeah that’s actually by design, really, i mean the song is meant to be unintelligible and there aren’t any official lyrics to the song. the “lyrics” change each time it’s performed, and it’s really more about mood and melody than anything else, and in that sense i think it’s a really, really perfect song.

i still remember the first time i heard yellow ledbetter, how incredible and beautiful it sounded and how i couldn’t figure out a single thing he was saying. i was in love.

Pearl Jam | All Or None (Live at Benaroya Hall)

Eddie Vedder’s voice throughout this entire Benaroya Hall set is just out of this world. Whoever wrote that his voice “is filled with familiarity and beauty and nostalgia and knowing” had it pretty right, so I’m just gonna spend the rest of the night appreciating it.

Pearl Jam | Fatal (Live at Benaroya Hall)

i wake up and wait up