The 1001 Tales of Indiana Josh

Anonymous said: Do you Reddit?

i browse reddit occasionally as part of my larger aggregation of blogs, newsfeeds, etc, but i’ve never registered an account and certainly have no desire to contribute to it any time soon.

Anonymous said: You seem like you're a very successful person in life, both professionally and personally. Any advice on attaining success?

You obviously don’t know me.

To the anons in my inbox with their genocidal apologia: I hope you understand a couple things: first, that I won’t publish your asks because apologism for genocide has no place on my blog, and second, that I actually really do despise you. I hope the latter point perhaps encourages you to unfollow my blog; it’d be doing us both a favor, I think.


Proof | Life (Prod. by J. Dilla)

Never enough of this song. This is one of my favorite Dilla beats, mostly because it samples one of my top three favorite songs.

Anonymous said: Can I have your babies?

but that would require effort

Anonymous said: Your "ask" button is literally nowhere to be found when viewing your page on a non-mobile platform. FIX IT. And Indianajustmarryme <3

but that would require effort

Anonymous said: YOU'RE SO CUTE


Anonymous said: Your post from July 28th (regarding the assault on Gaza) contained a lot of things I've been thinking about and expressed them pretty succinctly. I wanted to share it on my FB and wondered, firstly, if I could, and how I might credit you?

Thanks, and please feel free to share however you wish and credit however you wish. The important thing is the information.

just wanna get rich enough to buy my mom all the shit she deserves 

I was out running errands all day in order to get my Bronco running, the majority of it spent at a junkyard scavenging for parts. So like, basically an entire afternoon of this:


My roommate, Ben, told me that as soon as I’d left, my dog, Bandit just went over to the front door and laid down. He stayed there until Ben took the dogs out a little later, at which point Bandit began sniffing the ground where my vehicle was, and then followed its scent out to the road and down the street a little until Ben called him back.

The thought of my dog just missing me so much and wanting to actually go embark on some perilous quest to find me is so ridiculously sweet and I’m over here crying as I’m typing this and now he’s kissing the tears on my face. 

I’m such a mess, I need help.